Special Event - LOCKDOWN Haunted Theater. Exclusive Access. Oct 30, 31 Paranormal Investigation.

Special Event - LOCKDOWN Haunted Theater. Exclusive Access. Oct 30, 31 Paranormal Investigation.
From USD $49.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Product code: PNOTWTHSDGT

LOCKDOWN - Paranormal Investigation in a Haunted Theater

Descend into the mysterious realms of the supernatural with the seasoned ghost hunters and venture into the heart of Downtown San Diego's century-old Tenth Avenue Arts Center, known for its historical significance and the chilling tales that have echoed through its halls for over a hundred years.

Join us as we delve into the eerie history of this four-story building, guided by our team of expert paranormal investigators and psychic mediums. Stay close to our security escorts as we traverse the old building - we wouldn't want any of our guests to mysteriously disappear...

Bring along your ghost hunting equipment and join us in our search for signs of the spectral inhabitants rumored to reside within the Arts Center. Tune in to your inner psychic, communicate with the ethereal entities alongside our experienced mediums, and who knows, if the spirits are willing, a séance may even be on the cards.

Join us if you dare, for a night of history, mystery, and possibly, a glimpse into the other side. This is a 2-hour event that is sure to leave you with a thrilling memory and perhaps, a ghostly tale of your own to tell.


More Details

NO costumes are allowed due to safety concerns. We'll be moving throughout the building, and costumes can be a tripping hazard in stairways, etc. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Escorts/security will accompany each tour group. Roaming alone in the building is not permitted. Everyone must stay within their assigned group.

What to Bring:

Sturdy shoes
Sweater/jacket for rooftop exploration
Flashlights are permitted
Ghost hunting equipment, or apps such as Ghost Radar
Cameras are welcome

What to Expect:

If you wish to leave the tour, inform your tour guides, and security will escort you out. Smoking or vaping is prohibited during the entire event. If you exit the building, reentry is not allowed, and no refunds will be provided for early departures.

Be aware that paranormal investigations can be unsettling to some. For instance, during a previous visit to the theater, a door opened and closed on its own three times. If you find such phenomena too disturbing, consider skipping this event.