Go - Bus Tour. Haunted History. Old Town, Sherman Heights, Gaslamp.

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  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Product code: BTHSDGT
Discover the spine-tingling secrets of San Diego on our Haunted Bus Tour, featuring five captivating locations, including exclusive entry to four paranormal hotspots. The adventure begins at the famous Whaley House, where ghostly tales abound even though ghost tours are no longer permitted inside.

From there, step aboard our one-of-a-kind coffin-decorated bus and be enthralled by eerie stories from your ghost host as you journey through San Diego's dark past. The first stop is Sherman Heights, where you'll enter the mesmerizing Villa Monteszuma and perhaps hear music from beyond. This location is performed by the Villa Montezuma caretakers and they consider it to be enchanted.

Venture onward to the San Diego's downtown Gaslamp District and step inside the historic Horton Grand Hotel, known for its active rooms 309 and 209. Uncover the chilling tales of notorious gunslingers one whose spirit may still lingers within these walls. Though we do not usually get to enter those rooms that are part on the story we do get you inside the hotel right underneath them as close as possible. People have experienced mysterious cold chills, footsteps, and glowing orbs that defy explanation.

Next delve into the harrowing history of the Davis-Horton House, once a makeshift hospital where many came to face their final moments. Guests have reported unnerving encounters, such as being pushed by unseen hands or capturing inexplicable shapes on camera. The San Diego Ghost hunters say this is currently the most active location in SD.

Conclude your journey at Old Town's El Campo Santo Cemetery, a resting place with a macabre past. Disturbed spirits wander the grounds, manifesting as glowing figures that appear to float above the earth. Enter the graveyard.

Our Haunted Bus Tour, recognized as "San Diego's Best Ghost Tour," with the highest reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor -- offers an unforgettable experience with limited guests numbers for an immersive adventure. Unearth the city's chilling secrets by booking your spot today, if you dare!