Go - Paranormal Investigation. Ghost Stories. History. Old Town.

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  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: San Diego, CA
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Hello there, ghost hunter enthusiast!

Ready for a spine-chilling experience? Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours invites you to join our Paranormal Investigation History Tour of Old Town San Diego and neighboring Heritage Park. Walk through the haunted locations and become both a historian and a paranormal investigator!

San Diego Paranormal Investigation History Tour:

  • This is a combination of History, Ghost Stories and Beginner Paranormal Techniques. Each night is different and the vibe will define what we do that night.
  • Exclusive access to Heritage Park. Read more on locations below.
  • Interested Kids allowed and Dog-friendly. Due to the mature nature of the tour if your kids or animals get anxious please take them off the tour. Calm down and then join back in. 

Meeting Point: 2460 Heritage Park Row, San Diego CA 92110 (Arrive 15 minutes early)

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Paranormal Investigation Equipment*:

  • Mel Meter
  • K2 Meter EMF
  • Voice Recorder
  • Sbox
  • Dowsing Rods
  • Pendulum
  • Grid Light
  • REM Pod

*Note: Equipment used may vary depending on the host specialization.

Spooky Locations:

  • Heritage Park
  • The Whaley House *
  • The Graveyard (El Campo Santo)
  • The Chapel (optional)

Tour Summary:
Our adventure begins at Heritage Park, home to many historical Victorian structures. We'll teach you the history and documented hauntings attached to each location, making our way into Old Town San Diego with a brief stop at the Whaley House, and finally, the El Campo Santo Cemetery.

Call 619.255.6170 or book online to reserve your spot today: https://hauntedsandiegotours.com

Remember, our tours are known for authentic, well-researched history, disturbing stories, and a touch of sarcastic cheesy humor. No jump scares or costumed people, but be prepared for a spooky and creepy experience!

Don't miss this thrilling opportunity to delve into the unknown and uncover the paranormal secrets of San Diego!

Book now, and let's investigate together!

You will briefly visit the Whaley House (we do not go inside). The Whaley House has been very successful in its marketing. It is a great location, but because of its success, the location now is usually hectic, and we just don't get activity like we used to. I believe it is because so many people are around and some of the changes they have made to the house. So our time there will be brief.

We spend most of our time where we are getting activity, usually Heritage Park (we started this tour due to activity up there) or the graveyard.